VP. Vasuhan

V.P.Vasuhan in Paris

Christina Montanios loved the Anish Kapoor exhibition in London at the Royal Academy.

However, I was suite content with popping over to Paris where a friend - who used to live in Cyprus - is at the beginning of his career.

Vasuhan is from Sri Lanka.

He was a Tamil refugee from his country and when I first knew him several years ago, he was working in a flower shop in Nicosia.

Later, he somehow got to Paris and began to paint in earnest.

Until recently, he exhibited in a wonderful batik shop that sold beautiful fabrics from Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately, it has now closed.

However, he has found a new prestigious place for his present exhibition, La Municipality Space Marcel-Chauzy, in Bondy, on the outskirts of Paris; a huge place rather like an outsize British Council. This will further his career tremendously.

He had arranged fifty of his most recent paintings in the generous space provided.

They were of various styles, from landscape memories of his own country, to figure portraits of his friends in Paris.

However, there was also a collection of remarkable images related to his main title, Hanuman's Dancing Brush.

These were connected to a Monkey God - a servant for Raman - a helpful god, whose body is blue,

While looking for Raman's wife he was caught and fire put on his tail. Then he flew over the city which then caught fire.

Saturday was Light Night , when everyone goes out and stays up as long as they can.

Packed streets and pavements, surging crowds everywhere. I managed to get to the Pompidou and saw 'La Subversion des Images - Surrealism, Photogrphie, Film.'

Visitors to the Pompidou were more concerned with looking out from a great height to wave to friends enjoying light night.

This exhibition covered such a wide range that, in fact, I was obliged to buy a very large and heavy and slightly pornographic book and join the Light Night mob in the vast space outside the Pompidou.

The whole event turned out surrealistic, like something from the exhibition.


article by Glyn Hughes

Copyright  Cyprus weekly news paper (Art Page)

16 - 22 October 2009