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V. P. Vasuhan  



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Guest book (Livre de o're) from the exhibitions 

Name :  Susmitha
Submitted on: Mar  29 2018
Place :    Srilanka
Comments : I am proud of you my dear brother. All your paintings are amazing and marvelous. I love your paintings so much. Keep doing well ... God will be with you ..... best of luck for your future paintings too
How did you hear about this site?  :  FB
Name :  Subakar Sivapillai
Submitted on: Mar 26 2018
Place :    Manchester
Comments : great site

Name :  Sri Kajan
Submitted on: Sep 22 2017
Place :   Paris
Comments : I like your painting and eelam colour ‘s
How did you hear about this site?  :  By google

Name :  Dilrukshi
Submitted on: Sep 02 2017
Place :   Limassol
Comments :  I like the composition of your painting . “A fine work of art - music, dance, painting, story - has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place.”
How did you hear about this site?  : Vasuhan is my friend

Name :  Sathya
Submitted on: Aug 23 2017
Place :   Toronto
Comments :  We are so proud of you my brother.you made your dream comes true. All your pairings are amazing and every paintings got some detail story. Keep doing what you love to do. Good luck.
How did you hear about this site?  :

Name : UMA
Submitted on: July 16 2017
Place :   Singapore
Comments :  I am a big fan for your paintings! It gives a peace of mind always. That's definitely a God gifted extra ordinary talent. Wish you all the best for your future works too. keep up the good work.
How did you hear about this site?  :  From the Artist
Name : Nive  
Submitted on: Nov 18 2015
Place :  London
Comments : I like his paintings from my childhood. He done lots of drawings for me when we are children..

Name : Joachm G
Submitted on:  Aug 23 2014
Place : Germany
Comments :  back from Paris a had a close look on your works of art and was also glad to meet Glyn Hughes in the Marie of Bondy. Seeing the Octopus Video I understood the composition of the acrylic painting "He" on the printed card much better. It seems to be a contact between your hands an the tentacles of the opposite (octopus or person) - and the red line might been the glass box or the limitation of once ego. The videos showed me your way of working, especially "Born" is a very nice one.
I was very glad to meet you in Paris, to learn something on your life and work.
Name : Kanna    
Submitted on:  July 30 2014
Place :  Germany
Comments about the paintings:  supbp

Name : Kandiah Murugathasan   

Submitted on:  May 12 2014

City : Oberhausen, Germany
Comments about the paintings: Please see my comments about your one painting on Mr.U.Cheran Facebook.Now I am Staying in Bobigny France.I will try to see your painting Galeri,if it is possible.I have to say "Best wishes and congratulation to you. I am also Mahajana college old student and from college view Ampanai,Tellippalai
Comments about this website:  Very happy
How did you hear about this site?  : From Mr.Cheran Facebook

Name : Mira - Meera Balakanesan    

Submitted on: December 26 2013
City : Paris
Comments about the paintings: Nous voyageons à travers tes couleurs lointaines du bonheur Vasuhan.
Comments about this website:  Bon courage!
How did you hear about this site? : Vasuhan

Name : Androulla Zoumidou    

Submitted on:  December 25 2013
City : Cyprus
Comments about the paintings: very good, a different style , and of course colorful
Comments about this website: nice
How did you hear about this site? : a friend

Name : Nithila    

Submitted on: December 24 2013 
City : London
Comments about the paintings : Awesome paintings... Always having unique styles ..keep it up...
Comments about this website:  Keep go... Good luck
How did you hear about this site? : Fb

Name : Mouélé Makendzo Saurel   

Submitted on: December 24,2013
City : Bois D'arcy
Comments about the paintings : Good
Comments about this website:  Great. Maybe replace "dj " item tittle by a more general item tittle for "example "music
How did you hear about this site?  : the artist himself

Name : Ranjini  

Submitted on December 24 2013
City : Eelam
Comments about the paintings: I enjoy u r paintings..thumbs up ;-)
Comments about this website: Nice ,may Nice ,may be more colors ..?
How did you hear about this site? : yeb


Submitted on December 24 2013
City : PARIS
Comments about the paintings : Paints is always a story, with many colors ... its beautiful emotion all the time
Comments about this website:  Good
How did you hear about this site?  : BY INTERNET

Name : Mia  

Submitted on December 24 2013
City : Paris
Comments about the paintings:  they are amazing! Good job
Comments about this website: a bit boring perhaps...,?
How did you hear about this site? : by the artist himself

Name:  Arni Narendran 

Submitted on: October 1 2012

Comments about the paintings:   I first came accross your work exhibition called papillion through a canadian website Pathivukal and ever since tried to lacate you.

May God give you plenty of success and happiness.

Name:  Fiona Stanbury 

Submitted on: September 9  2012 

Comments about the paintings:  Great,  All best wishes

Name:  Gunta 

Submitted on: December 21 2012

Comments about the paintings:   i like your art....

Name:  Sathya 

Submitted on: December 10 2012 

Comments about the paintings:  Really good job .looking forward to see more love it

Name: kajan -Kajanthan Srisothinathan

Submitted on: November 30 2012 

Comments about the paintings:  félicitation frere.bonne chance

Name:  k.s.ramana

Submitted on: November 28 2012

Comments about this website:   nice ...but front page to add more

Name:  Poonkuyil 

Submitted on: December 3, 2011

Comments about the paintings: Hi Vasu! I am so proud of you, I love your paintings, after many years I saw your picture of you, I am so happy say hai to dad, mum and sisters Loving Poonkuyil akka

Name:  mr Poobalasingam

Submitted on: February 13 2011

Comments about the paintings: weldone my son keep it up

Name:  Krys Prema

Submitted on: January 11 2010

Comments about the paintings: good vibes to me :) Congratulations :)

Comments about this website:   Welldone :)

How did you hear about this site?  :  By the artist himself

Name:  Fiona Stanbury

Submitted on: April 2 2009

Comments about the paintings: I really like your work! You may remember me from Cyprus - we met in Glyn's studio. I'm also a painter

Comments about this website:   I really enjoyed looking at your website.

How did you hear about this site?  :  I looked for Glyn on Google, and also found you!

Name:  Shanta Somasundaram

Submitted on: November 1, 2008

Comments about the paintings: You have made a mark as a talented Ceylon artist overseas.

Comments about this website:   You may want to post more of your works.

How did you hear about this site?ame across it while searching for Alaveddy, my mom's birthplace.

Name:  M.Varmenthiran

Submitted on: June 3 2008

Comments about the paintings: Very Amazings Drawings,

Name:  Sushia

Submitted on: September 19 2007

Comments about the paintings:   Ur paintings are wonderful, ive gotten the opportunity to have seen you drawing a big painting! it was so colorful,and with a lot of expressions Keep it up!

Comments about this website:   Nice website!

How did you hear about this site?hi5

Name: Nuwantha 

Submitted on: September 7 2007

Comments about the paintings: Hi vas ayya tes paintures sont tres belles. je te souhaite une tres belle avenir. I wish you all the best. NW

Comments about this website:  Par contre ton site ne me plais pas beaucoup. essaye de t'heberger chez OVH. amicalement, NW

Name:  Anne-Marie Serré 

Submitted on: July 3 2007

Comments about the paintings: merci de m'informer de la prochaine exposition, ainsi je pourrai voir les peintures en situation, et prendre le temps avec elles. Après, je dirai. nota : je peux lire l'anglais.

Name:   BALA 

Submitted on: June 11 2007

Comments about the paintings: keep it up. i enjoy u r paintings my dear vasu.

Comments about this website:   i will enjoy this site

Name:   Venuja Gunasingham 

Submitted on: January 2 2007

Comments about the paintings: very good

Comments about this website:   very good

Name:  Helen Ignas 

Submitted on: October 16 2006

Comments about the paintings:   I haven't seen your paintings. I was doing research on my family's surname and came across your website. I just thought I'd drop you a line

Name:  Thivia Parameswaran

Submitted on: October 16 2006

Comments about the paintings: Your paintings are very nice. i know that you paint well. i saw in real 

Comments about this website:   i think you can put your pics too

Name:   Swati Gupta 

Submitted on: October 15 2006

Comments about the paintings: wow, all the best for your current show in paris. The energy and motivation in your work makes a good combination. take care

How did you hear about this site?by you

Name:  Sabtha 

Submitted on: July 11 2006

Comments about the paintings:   Really Great Pix, You r A really Cool Artist.

How did you hear about this site?Topsites

Name: T.Thavabalan  

Submitted on: February 3 2006

Comments about the paintings:  new trend in tamils art.you can grow up with new thoughts

Comments about this website:  want most drawings. quick viewing

How did you hear about this site? : via mr tha.balakanesan.poet in franc.accompany with erimalai

Name: nix 

Submitted on: January 9 2006

Comments about the paintings:   thx for the ohana info nice pic of u on nov exhibition page... we want more keep go

Name: Bindu 

Submitted on: October 18 2005 

Comments about the paintings:   Thank you for all this beauty and this wonder.

Comments about this website:  ...Story of a paper...

Thank you for your lovely comments which is support me a lot with other exhibitions and my creation. V.P.Vasuhan