V.P. Vasuhan

^ Photo from expo L’Escalier-espace d’art - Montreuil 


A handful of artists and I gathered annually from May 2013 - 2018 at this  typical old house nestled in Tonnerre, Bourgogne.


Discussion of Artwork

2016 Momijiyama Museum - Kagoshima, Japon
2013 -  Galerie Couleurs et Blancs - Paris 9
2012 -  Hall d'exposition de l'Université Paris 8
2011 -  Literature meeting - Tamil - Paris
2005 - Literature meeting - Tamil - Paris


 group Exhibition

Expo Noel - La nature
18 Nov 2019 - Feb 2020
5 Rue Ferdinand Buisson
44220 COUERON.

V.P. Vasuhan

Nathalie ROUX

Laurence AUDY

Mélanie VALLET


Expo 2019 @ Galerie Impressions Paris 03 eme

Ronnie Habib


Expo 2019 Human Nature @  L’Escalier-espace d’art Montreuil


Expose au @ Grand Palais 'Art Capital' 2018. 

crédit photo - Pierre LESENEY


Expo 2016 - Mamijiyama museum, Japan

Private collection - 
Momijiyama Museum, Japon

Carrousel du Louvre (Musée du Louvre) 2016 



Acrylic & sand on canVas,
81 x 81 cm.

@ Exhibited -
Musee du Louvre Paris
(Carrousel du Louvre)
Grand Palais
(Art capital)


Expose au Swiss Village - Paris 15, avec ' Art Freedom ' 2016 crédit photo - P.Patric


Expo Nov 2013 "THOKUPPU"  Espace Couleurs et Blancs - Paris 9


Expo  Jun 2012 " Bon Voyage ll "-  Espace Couleurs et Blancs - Paris 9


Expo 2012 "Couleurs et Lignes Tamoule" -  Hall d'exposition de l'Université Paris 8


Body painting - 
memory of 
St. Pierre carnival, Martinique - 
Caribbean island 2011, 
Indian colour powder
(use for holi festival)


Kids workshop & exhibition

Organized by Silambu Assocciation Paris

Photo by Hania Badji 2011


Expo 2010  "La Couleur de l'Exil"  Maison de quartier landy, St Ouen


Expo 2009 - HanNUMAN'S Dancing Brush at Mairie de BONDY

Photos by PJ Lindsay from Cananda


Expo 2007 Papillon de Paris 10 @ Bayadere Paris 10

Video by DAMLAK Paris

  • This exhibition, "Papillon de paris 10ème"  will present more than 15 new artworks representing my current creations. It will be my fifth exhibition of new material.
  • Cette exposition présentera plus de 15 nouvelles oeuvres, faisant partie des nouvelles créations de Vasuhan. Ce sera sa cinquième exposition de nouveau matériel. 


Rialto bridge - Venice
Acrylic on canvas,
300cm x 150cm (unfinished)
 2007 - 2009
Order for a restaurant in Rue Saint Honore - Paris


Expo 2006 "KAMATHNU OX " - BAYADERE Paris 10

Photo by  Roger BRACHET

at the opening speach from left Annick SANSONI, Glyn HUGHES, Vasuhan, Valerie GEOFFROY 

at the opening speach from left V. Poopalasingham (Vasuhan's father, Arvind Appadourai, Vasuhan, Glyn HUGHES


Expo 2005 - Zagros Paris 11 


Expo 2004 "1 miyo 2004"  BAYADERE Paris 10

Weather outside at opening time. Pic by




Expo 2004 "No Face, No Name" - BAYADERE Paris 10

This is the 1st solo expo in paris. Which we called " No face, No name" is presenting 12 paintings. Thanks a lot to Annick SANSONI


Hommage to French painters

1997 Nov 14 - Hommage to French painters 1900-1960 at  melina mercouri hall , Nicosia, Cyprus.  was organized by Painter and an art critics Mr. Glyn HUGHES

That was my 1st exhibition which i participated with other well known artist. That was a miracle to me, and it's turn me on to the other way in painting path. ever since then, regularly doing exhibitions. 

Thanks to Glyn Hughes