VP. Vasuhan


Exhibition 16 Dec 2022- 21 Jan 2023

Exhibition 19 Nov - 03 Dec 2022

Talk - Monography with  Drama and Theatre students from Sri Lanka

 - Organized "Verukkuneer" 15.06.2022

Upcoming new series  Era 404 ( Catamaran) 404 Paper ships

worked with  Nadiyaan .P & Shriya .K

Pic : Sathyabama .K94140

Live talk in tamil language on Num Tamil Radio from Newzealand

03.03.2022 Paris time 16h30

Exhibition of Callygraphy

28. oct 2021

Calligraphy is a beautiful work of art that connects language and lines.  Tamil is one of the oldest languages.  Thirukkural is an important work in Tamil literature.  The letter   “zhagaram” is significant and difficult to enunciate.  Calligraphy has developed within Tamil via literature, religion, culture and commercial art.  The letter O is an aesthetically beautiful vowel.  I look at this letter and see a face or a mask.  This provided the opportunity to transition from “no face no name” art siries to calligraphy. 


Talk - YAVANAR    யவனர் -  Kalaivaddam - University of Jaffna

24 June 2021

French based Artist VP. Vasuhan will share about his works which are connected his diaspora life and Identity. Talk will be in Tamil Language. Titille YAVANAR (Foreigner)

L'artiste français VP.Vasuhan partagera ses œuvres qui sont liées à sa vie de diaspora et à son identité. La conversation sera en langue tamoule. Titille YAVANAR (Étranger)

on Zoom 


Live Painting on Zoom for Pongal 

Sunday 17.01.2021 GMT Paris 15h30 on 

Zoom ID 81421061589 Passcode ; 977751


Exhibition Online - on Live

Two of my exhibitions were cancelled this year, but I will not let this pandemic bring me down or stop me from painting. Difficult times often bring out the best in people. I would like to showcase my work in a new and experimental way of exhibiting. Adapting to a new way of living and connecting to people in a new era. The artwork will be streaming live on FaceBook, featuring around 20 paintings and 5 wood sculptures


Workshop - 

A handful of artists and I gathered annually from May 2013 - 2018 at this  typical old house nestled in Tonnerre, Bourgogne.


Discussion  "No Face No Name" Migration & Identity 2020 July 19 @ Kalam, Jaffna. 


 group Exhibition

Expo Noel - La nature
18 Nov 2019 - Feb 2020
5 Rue Ferdinand Buisson
44220 COUERON.

V.P. Vasuhan

Nathalie ROUX

Laurence AUDY

Mélanie VALLET


Expo 2019 @ Galerie Impressions Paris 03 eme

Ronnie Habib


Expo 2019 Human Nature @  L’Escalier-espace d’art Montreuil


Expose au @ Grand Palais 'Art Capital' 2018.

 photo - Pierre LESENEY

Volé en route au musée du Grand Palais au métro Chanmps Elysées Clémencear an 2017

Stolen en route from Grand Palais Museum at metro Champs Elysées Clémenceau in 2017

Expo 2016 - Mamijiyama museum, Japan

Video and Editiing by Shino Wako

Private collection -  Momijiyama Museum, Japon

Discussion of Artwork

2016 Momijiyama Museum - Kagoshima, Japon


Exhibition -  Carrousel du Louvre (Musée du Louvre) 2016 

 acrylic & sand on canvas,  81 x 81 cm.
@ Exhibited - Musee du Louvre Paris (Carrousel du Louvre) 2016
&  Grand Palais (Art capital)  2018


Expose au Swiss Village - Paris 15, avec ' Art Freedom ' 2016 crédit photo - P.Patric


Expo Nov 2013 "THOKUPPU"  Espace Couleurs et Blancs - Paris 9


Le Salon Indien

Ouverture d'une galerie d'art - Paris

2013 - 2016


Expo  Jun 2012 " Bon Voyage ll "-  Espace Couleurs et Blancs - Paris 9


Expo 2012 "Couleurs et Lignes Tamoule" -  Hall d'exposition de l'Université Paris 8

acrylic on canvas
Special thanks to Nitin Sawhney, Maison du quartier landy, St Ouen,
Phtotographs (340) and editing Filippos Theos,
Private collection of Galerie - Les sens de l'art (93)

Body painting - 
memory of 
St. Pierre carnival, Martinique - 
Caribbean island 2011, 
Indian Pigments
(use for holi festival)


Kids workshop & exhibition

Organized by Silambu Assocciation Paris

Photo by Hania Badji 2011


A table - Film documentaire

A table - Film documentaire


Ce documentaire « culinaire » réunit des cuisiniers non professionnels, anonymes, parisiens de longue date mais originaires des quatre coins du monde. Ils sont sept à se partager la vedette, à tour de rôle : Vasuhan est indien, Aly sénégalais, Michèle est belge, Joan vient de Californie, Dashka est mongole, Marcia brésilienne et Mme Sato japonnaise. Chacun a découvert, une fois installés à Paris, des goûts inconnus et des plats surprenants. Tous se sont adaptés mais évidemment ont gardé l’habitude de cuisiner « comme au pays ».

Réalisation :

Dominique Dindinaud et Louise De Champfeury

Année : 2010

Duréé : 52 minutes

Production : Les Films en Hiver et Big Bang Films

Diffusion : Demain TV


Expo 2010  "La Couleur de l'Exil"  Maison de quartier landy, St Ouen


Un film documentair sur Vasuhan

AUTEUR-RÉALISATEUR Filippos Theos Un film documentair sur Vasuhan - Nov 2009 - Ateliers VARAN. Rencontre avec Vasuhan à travers ses gestes quotidiens.

Filippos theos (Réalisateur de film)

Editeur : s.l. : Ateliers Varan (prod.), 2009

Année de l'œuvre : 2009 Court-métrage

Description matérielle : 1 DVD (17 min) : coul.

Résumé : "Rencontre avec Vasuhan à travers ses gestes quotidiens" (ateliers Varan)

Sujet : exilé | réfugié politique | artiste étranger | peintre | tamoul -- population | sri-lankais -- population

Inde -- pays d'origine | Sri Lanka -- pays d'origine

Diffusion-Consultation : Musée national de l'Histoire de l'immigration


Expo 2009 - HanNUMAN'S Dancing Brush at Mairie de BONDY

Photos by PJ Lindsay from Cananda


Mr.Glyn HUGHES (1931-2014 Painter and an art critic ) and I at Gare du Nord - Paris, in Oct 2009.  He came from Nicosia to the opening of the exhibition 'Hanuman's Dancing Brush' at Mairie de Bondy.

Mr.Glyn HUGHES (1931-2014 Peintre et critique d'art) et moi à la Gare du Nord - Paris, en octobre 2009. Il est venu de Nicosie pour l'inauguration de l'exposition 'Hanuman's Dancing Brush' à la Mairie de Bondy.


Carte postale pour - Noel et du nouvel An

 par - Claire Dubois Paris 16eme

dec 2008


Expo 2007 Papillon de Paris 10 @ Bayadere Paris 10

Video by DAMLAK Paris

  • This exhibition, "Papillon de paris 10ème"  will present more than 15 new artworks representing my current creations. It will be my fifth exhibition of new material.
  • Cette exposition présentera plus de 15 nouvelles oeuvres, faisant partie des nouvelles créations de Vasuhan. Ce sera sa cinquième exposition de nouveau matériel. 

  Revêtement d'une Citroën 2CV avec un groupe d'artistes à la Courneuve 2007



Rialto bridge - Venice
Acrylic on canvas,
300cm x 150cm (unfinished)
 2007 - 2009
Order for a restaurant in Rue Saint Honore - Paris


Expo 2006 "KAMATHNU OX " - BAYADERE Paris 10

Photo by  Roger BRACHET

at the opening speach from left Annick SANSONI, Glyn HUGHES, Vasuhan, Valerie GEOFFROY 

at the opening speach from left V. Poopalasingham (Vasuhan's father, Arvind Appadourai, Vasuhan, Glyn HUGHES

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. -Picasso

Everyone's life is an epic, the memories of struggle, success, smiles, tears and relationships are added to the self image of me and mine to harden our ego, and there is a constant struggle to keep this ego safe from eroding in the tough hands of time. Giving these memories a form of image, color or even words, gives reality of the moment a longer shelf life, I like PB Shelley's Ozymandias for the same reason ( Please correct me if I have understood this poem wrongly). Lucky are the people who can store their memories as a painting, like my friends Priya and V.P.Vasuhan, we frindly call him Vasu) Today I went to the opening of Vasu's Painting exhibition, with my friends, it was a great day for Vasu. I don't understand the much of modern art, but the artists who were present told that his paintings are the reflections Indian subcontinent, and his struggles in a big city. Thats V.P.Vasuhan, with his painting Dances with Rats.

Article by: Uma Maheswari Location:Paris, France updated 09 sep 2006


Expo 2005 - Zagros Paris 11 


Expo 2004 "1 miyo 2004"  BAYADERE Paris 10

Weather outside at opening time. Pic by




Expo 2004 "No Face, No Name" - BAYADERE Paris 10

This is the 1st solo expo in paris. Which we called " No face, No name" is presenting 12 paintings. Thanks a lot to Annick SANSONI


group exhibition 1997 - Hommage to French painters 1900 - 1960

1997 Nov 14 - Hommage to French painters 1900-1960 at  melina mercouri hall , Nicosia, Cyprus.  was organized by Painter and an art critics Mr. Glyn HUGHES


On Cyprus weekly NEWS Paper


That was my 1st exhibition which i participated with other well known artist.  That was a miracle to me, and it's turn me on to the other way in painting path. ever since then, regularly doing exhibitions.