V.P. Vasuhan

Online (Live)  Exhibition 2020

"Think about Painting"
2020.May.10 Sunday
Paris Time 10h & 17h
on Facebook - VP Vasuhan

Painting s

parthi (coming soon)


The title of my exhibition is inspired by my teacher’s saying “Think about painting”. 

Two of my exhibitions were cancelled this year, but I will not let this pandemic bring me down or stop me from painting. Difficult times often bring out the best in people. I would like to showcase my work in a new and experimental way of exhibiting. Adapting to a new way of living and connecting to people in a new era. The artwork will be streaming live on FaceBook, featuring around 20 paintings and 5 wood sculptures. 

 Hope everyone enjoys it and please feel free to leave your comments.
Thank you 

Interview about the on line exhibiiton
by T. Justine - 
social midea 

நேரலை" ஓவியக் கண்காட்சி
- ரஞ்சினி ராசம்மா